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How FLEX Works


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FLEX combines a number of cutting-edge technologies and is the first wireless measuring device to utilise laser optics to track barbell position and provide real-time metrics at a level not previously achieved by other wireless sensors.

With more than 3 years in R&D, we are confident FLEX will deliver the experience demanded by the individual in the weights room.

Affordable, ultra-precise and easy to use, FLEX is a game-changer for those individual athletes who are ready to step up their training. With FLEX, you can expect real-time feedback on each and every lift, enabling you to track your progress over time as well as inspiring you to set and reach your goals day after day.

FLEX accurately measures performance at a level not previously achieved by other wireless sensors.

In the past, due to the high cost of existing technologies, accurate performance data was only available to elite athletes.


  • Provides real-time feedback on each and every lift
  • Metrics displayed include Velocity, Power and Range of Motion
  • Lift Intelligence enabled with Auto Record – no need to button on/off for each lift
  • Implement Velocity Based Training
  • Predict your 1RM without going to failure
  • Laser accuracy superior to accelerometer (IMU)
  • Weekly and monthly email summary reports
  • Cloud back up of all your data

Use FLEX for

  • Monitoring performance and training load
  • Velocity Based Training
  • Online (remote) coaching
  • Power and strength analysis
  • Competition and motivation
Why choose FLEX
Velocity Based Training


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